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The main mission of the transport department Bihar government is to ensure the strict compliance of the motor vehicles act 1988 by the latest modern technology for promoting the transportation facilities in 21st century to meet with the expectations of the citizens and thus to remain dedicated day and night, to the services of the citizens and to make the public services more and more progressive and environmental friendly and keeping in view the protection of the environment.




In order to achieve the objectives, the transport department is determined to make available transparent and sensitive administrative services with public cooperation in connection with the works/jobs like registration of vehicles, tax collection, pollution control and issuance of Drivers/Conductor’s licenses, safe movement of the vehicles and measures of checking accidents, etc. and for this the department and its each officer/officials shall perform the following tasks/duties:


Every application must be expeditiously dealt with and executed within the stipulated time-limit and during the process every citizen/applicant shall be dealt in a friendly manner.
In all circumstances sincerity and dedication to work shall be maintained.
Every applicant/citizen shall be treated equal/alike and there must be transparency in working pattern.
To render better/improved services all suggestions from the citizens be welcomed and forwarded to the higher authorities for making necessary decisions.
The applicant must be informed with the reasons for rejection/non-acceptance of his/her application.
Shall display information regarding the prescribed fees and details of officers/officials holding different duties/jobs at an appropriate/proper place in the office premises.
Shall remain vigilant all the time about pollution control.
Shall acknowledge the receipt of all letters/documents.
Shall communicate to the applicant any discrepancy/deficiency by mentioning date and time.
The complaints regarding the subordinate staff should be investigated within 15 days and the complainant be informed accordingly.
A complaint book be maintained in the office and four copies of every complaint will be prepared. One copy be pasted in the complaint book, second copy to be sent to the controlling authority of the officer against whom complaint is made; third copy will be sent to the state transport headquarters for the needful and the fourth copy will be made available to the complainant. The head of every office will inspect this complaint book every week and ensure necessary action and shall also make arrangements to make the copy available on demand without hesitation and ifs and buts.


Transport department seeking the public cooperation and to make it public oriented expects the necessary help/feedback from the general public to ensure better tax collection, improved road safety measures, to set strict standards for driving test, to restrain fatigued driver to encourage driving and to develop a sensitive public complaint redressal system. The department is determined to make its services more public oriented and people friendly.


Important tasks performed by the Transport Department


1. Registration of Motor Vehicles
  In order to have proper control over the motor vehicles, every motor vehicle is registered by the District Transport Officer (DTO)  of each district under transport department, for the purpose of identification of each vehicle and its owner and for collection of tax, as applicable.
2. Fitness Certificate of the Vehicle
  At the time of registration of vehicle, it's fitness is examined by the Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) or at any testing station authorized by govt. Besides this, fitness of passenger/carrier vehicles is tested in the prescribed period by MVI under the provision of the Motor Vehicles Act in order to ensure their capacity of safe movement. Specially in case of accident, each vehicle is tested personally by the MVI.
3. Collection of Motor Vehicle Tax
  At the district level, Motor Vehicle Registration Fee and Road Tax is collected by the DTO. One-Time Tax is paid for the private and personalized vehicles where as Commercial Taxes are paid quarterly, half yearly and yearly for the commercial vehicles. Road tax is the main resource of revenue for the development expenses of the state.
4. Grant and Renewal of Permit for Passenger/Carrier Vehicles
  For the purpose of general traffic regulation utility and to have proper control of movement of the passengers/carrier vehicles, their permits are granted and renewed by the Regional Transport Authority at the divisional level and by the State Transport Authority at the state level.
5. Grant and Renewal of Motor Vehicle Driving Licences
  Transport has positive and effective role to play in the State Economy. For its proper development, fit and expert drivers are needed. For this purpose, in each district Transport Office of the transport department, in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Acts/Rules, driving licences are granted to the fit and expert drivers and their licences are renewed in due time after proper testing.
6. Conductor's Licence
  Keeping in view of the importance of the passengers transportation and for proper plying of passengers vehicles, conductor licences are granted to the fit, capable and expert candidates by the transport department.
7. Publicity and Advertising for Road Safety
  With the help of Govt. of India, the Transport Department takes measures to educate the general people and to inculcate awareness among them regarding the road safety.
8. To Provide Cheap Traffic Facilities
  For providing cheap passenger traffic facilities to remote rural areas as well as in the big towns/cities, Bihar State Transport Corporation has been established at the State level. Facility of passenger vehicles' movement and bus fares are being controlled by Transport Corporation.
9. Motor Vehicles Pollution Control
  For maintaining the purity and balance of the environment, Pollution Control Certificates are issued after proper testing of the vehicles with the cooperation of Bihar State Pollution Control Board. Pollution is mostly caused by the movement of auto rickshaws and commercial vehicles and therefore the enforcement wing of the Transport Department is directed to identify such vehicles and to take necessary action accordingly. Transport department is taking necessary stapes for preparing rules and regulations regarding pollution control.
10. Taking over the vehicles during Elections, Natural Calamities and other Emergencies
  Under Public Representative Act, at the times of elections, flood, drought or other natural calamity, in order to provide proper assistance to the General Public regarding security of their lives and properties, the local administration can take-over the vehicles for transportation purposes (for which proper compensation is provided). In this work Transport Department renders proper assistance and cooperation to the local authorities.




In view of the public service and to ensure the availability of necessary financial resources, the Transport Department requests the vehicle owners not only to ensure timely up-to-date payment of taxes of their vehicles but they should also inspire other vehicle owners and general public for the same and thus co-operate to promote a social and harmonic environment.




For the purpose of making new records of Pubic service, transport department also solicits public cooperation on the following points:


Application Form should be submitted by the applicants by filling all the appropriate columns.
Application Form should be submitted by the applicant with all the required documents and requisite fees.
Application Form should be submitted personally to the Authorized and Responsible Officer only.
Help from middlemen and brokers should not be taken at all.
No gift or any type of fee should be offered to any officer or employee.
When needed, please contact the higher authorities.
Avoid unnecessary interference in the government official's working.
Always strictly follow the transport and traffic rules – Road safety is the life safety.
Don’t drive your vehicle without these documents - Driving Licence, Registration Paper of Vehicle, Insurance Papers, Fitness Certificate, and up-to-date Tax Token. You are encouraged to instruct the others for the same.




For proper office work, the standard of disposal, prescribed time (period), requisite fee and rate of taxes, etc. can be browsed through by clicking here. Any change in the rules and regulations will be published from time to time.


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